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Dock Cleats

Tiger Docks® carries a full range of dock cleats to fit all of your mooring requirements.

  • Galvanized Iron Cleat
  • Nylon Cleat
  • Ship "S" Cleat
  • Fold-Down Cleat
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Dock Bumpers

Your watercraft is a major investment. That is why we offer only the finest in premium dock bumpers, cushions, and dock wheels to protect your boat while moored to the dock.

Featured Dock Bumper Selections

  • Horizontal Bumpers & Vinyl Dock Edging -- All vinyl edging is extruded from a marine grade flexible PVC compound. Added is a special UV and fungicide protection to maximize the material's lifespan. Different combinations of air chambers and wall thickness allow our profiles to fit a range of applications. All profiles are available in white or black and in 10-foot strips.
  • Corner Bumpers -- Heavy-duty corner bumpers provide exceptional protection on any corner impact point. Extruded from high grade marine vinyl with UV and fungicide protection.
  • Dock Wheels -- The inflatable wheel cushion is available in side and corner mounts with galvanized hardware.
  • Dock Cushions -- Great for use as vertical bumpers and also fit many horizontal applications. These are blow-molded with high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene, and UV stabilization for toughness and durability.
  • Boat Slip Roller Guides -- The latest in boat slip protection.
  • Square Post & Round Pile Caps -- Injection-molded polyethylene with a thickness of .100. All sizes available in white or black, in square or round, and coned or flat.
  • Dock Torpedo -- Portable, inflatable fender system that attaches to cleats, railings, windshield, pilings, or any secure point. One Dock Torpedo protects most boats from bow to stern. Inflates and deflates in seconds.


Storage Dock Lockers

The horizontal fiberglass storage locker is great for storing all of your boating gear and dock accessories. The dock lockers can be bolted directly to your dock and come complete with a stainless latch for installing your own lock.

These storage dock lockers are the #1 choice for private docks and marina installation.

Horizontal Locker Standard Features

  • Strong, sandwich-core bench-like lid construction / design for unsurpassed strength.
  • Stainless steel cable stays are standard on all models.
  • Lockable, stainless steel latches secured with oversized, rustproof rivets. Latch will accommodate up to 5/16" shackle.
  • Heavy-duty white fiberglass construction with an average thickness of 3/16" thickness.
  • UV gelcoat provides long-lasting beauty and protection.
  • Gas cylinder brackets are installed on all hinged numerical model numbers 426 and above.
  • Attractive off-white interior finish.
  • Stainless steel piano hinges are attached with adhesive and oversized, rustproof rivets.
  • 28 standard models available

Horizontal Locker Optional Equipment

  • Seat cushions, handles, vents and rubber legs
  • Removable storage trays
  • Gas lifts
  • Off-dock mounting brackets

Premium Vertical Locker Special

  • Keyed handle lock
  • Fishing rod holder
  • 2 retractable wire shelves
  • Louvered fresh air vent
  • 3-point locking system
  • Hanging rod on ceiling
  • Rope hooks
  • 2 baskets on inside of door
  • Bright anodized aluminum trim
  • Color vinyl accent trim (choice of colors: red, blue, black, and white)
  • Personalized engraved nameplate


Power Stations

Hatteras Light is a dock power station that uses a photocell-controlled 13-watt fluorescent light, providing a 360- degree light pattern. This light pattern is important in a marina because it lights both the dock and finger piers. Yet, this light does not shine in the boats because it's directed downward. Best of all, the bulb will last about 3 years and costs about 30 cents per month to operate.

The Hatteras Light is the #1 choice for private residential docks.

The Hatteras Light is only 30" tall, and can be equipped with two 20-amp GFI or two 30-or 50-amp marine receptacles, or a combination of 20-, 30-, and 50-amp receptacles. Introduced in 1993 and with thousands in service, this popular unit offers a low-cost alternative to the Lighthouse for smaller boat applications. The attractive Hatteras Light will welcome your guests in style. They're great not only for marinas, but also for your dock, pool, lawn and deck area. To guarantee durability, the Hatteras has also been tested by Underwriters Laboratories.

Hatteras Light Features

  • Photocell-controlled 13-watt fluorescent light provides 360-degree lighting
  • 20 -amp GFI duplex receptacle and thermal magnetic circuit breaker
  • 30-amp 125v marine twist lock receptacle and thermal magnetic circuit breaker
  • 50-amp 125/250v marine twist lock receptacle and thermal magnetic circuit breaker
  • Hose bib and adapter/cable brackets
  • Tough thermoplastic housing with two-part polyurethane paint with UV inhibitor
  • Rated up to 100 amps with loop feed copper bus bars
  • 7.5" square mounting base and a maximum diameter of 13.5" around top of pedestal
  • Easy replacement of breakers, receptacles, meters, and lights
  • Hinged base and top allow for unit to be pre-wired, saving installation time over units that have separate bases
  • TV/phone connections with weatherproof cover

Several Shore Power Options Available

  • Single or Dual 30A receptacles
  • Single 50A receptacle
  • Single 30A and single 50A receptacle

Complete Power Station Line Up

Whether you own a large marina, or are looking for shore power and dock lighting for your personal dock, we have available the high-quality weatherproof electrical equipment you are looking for. And with our limited lifetime warranty on the housing, you know that the product you are getting will last for many years to come. Please contact our experienced sales staff today to learn more about the highest quality marina power equipment on the market!


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Distribution Equipment

Solar Lights

Tiger Docks is a firm believer in energy saving waterfronts, this is why we have had great success with Solar Dock Lights. Our Solar Dock Lights will light up your waterfront, ramp, bridge, dock, deck, patio, walkway, driveway, etc. in a low profile, durable, and cost-effective manner. Our lights are wireless and are easy to install!

Flag Poles

  • Our flag poles come in 3 height options: 16 ft, 20 ft, 25 ft
  • Unique telescoping design allows sections to raise and lower with the push of a button
  • Polycarbonate bushings let the pole slide up and down smoothly and quietly
  • All models give you the option to fly 1 or 2 flags
  • Flags fasten onto a swivel harness (25 ft pole) or swivel rings (16 and 20 ft poles)
  • No ropes. No chains. No pulleys. No knots or tangles!
  • Flags move 360° so they fly with the breeze rather than wrapping around the pole
  • Flat dock mount or side mount available
  • Beautiful silver color, made of 16-gauge aluminum with anodized finish
  • Maintenance-free; no rust or painting!

Each order includes a 3-inch ball ornament, a double flag harness, a 3'x5' nylon American flag with embroidered stars and sewn stripes (25 ft pole comes with a 4'x6' flag), and an installation sleeve with complete instructions. Additional flags are also available.


Flag Poles & Flags

When to Fly the Flag

Anchoring / Marine Winch

Securing a floating dock system can be a complex issue. Items that need to be considered include but are not limited to the following.

  • Size and weight of dock system
  • Weight of vessels to be moored to the dock system
  • Water fluctuations (long-term rainfall raise and fall; run-a-way from shore; short-term tidal, etc.)
  • Wind and wave activity (prevailing/predictable conditions at your site)
  • Anchor selection or availability (both underwater and shore attachment points)

In considering dock security, winch equipment must be carefully selected. It needs to be applicable to as wide a variety of tasks as possible and to accomplish these tasks with high reliability. This is especially important for absentee property owners, such as those with a weekend waterfront retreat.

Pursuant to our philosophy in providing the correct product to fit the site-specific application, Tiger Docks® offers a variety of standard and custom-made wire rope and manual cable winches. Standard models fill needs from light-duty small residential floating dock operations to heavy-duty commercial winch applications. Choosing one of the standard models has the advantage of prompt delivery. Prices are also minimized due to production quantities.

Winch Standard Features ...

  • Hot-dipped galvanized for superior corrosion protection
  • Extra heavy-duty construction in winch frame and spool brackets
  • Grease fittings at all wear and stress points to ensure smooth operation
  • Spring-loaded holding dog for a secure lock
  • Adjusting handle for easy operation
  • Positive retention cable holding mechanism
  • Two-speed operation
  • To be used as anchoring device (not designed for live load)

Custom Winch Design

Application engineers can be consulted and modifications made to our standard designs, or a special winch may be designed if required. Our unique computer program performs the many calculations needed and optimizes the design to fit your specific site requirements. This process keeps engineering and design costs to a minimum, and tailors the special design and selection of components to utilize standard components and sub-assemblies as much as possible. Therefore, you don't pay a premium price for a custom-designed and special-order fabricated winch.

On the flip side, custom winch systems assure conformance to almost any set of requirements, and repay the user many times over in convenience, safety and efficiency. An applications engineer will provide technical details and assistance in selecting the proper winch for the job or provide a technical and cost proposal for a custom winch.



Benches are a great selection for your floating dock, pier, boardwalk or shore deck.

We offer complete bench kits ready to assemble. You may also purchase just the uprights from us and obtain your own lumber locally to match your dock for the seat and back.

On a 42" to 48" bench kit using 2" x 6" lumber you need two bench uprights plus hardware. If using composite lumber, typically this size would require three bench uprights. The bench can then be bolted directly to your dock.

Features ...

  • Hot-dipped galvanized legs
  • Optional mounting hardware available (order to fit your decking material on your dock)
  • Galvanized hardware available (order to fit your seat and back board choice)

Lumber Choices for Kits ...

  • Pre-Cut 5/4" x 6" TREX Accents composite seats and back boards
  • Pre-Cut 2" x 6" ACQ Lumber seats and back boards


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